Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Random Pictures and Thoughts

Still waiting for stuff to come in and stuff to go out. Waiting, waiting, waiting. The boys will be on Winter Break in a couple of days and we have friends coming in from L.A. Very dear friends, so that is going to be so fabulous for us.

So I thought I'd post some random stuff. At the very end, there is a video that is very moving. Just be patient as it loads, but do see it.

First of all, if I knew how to post these pics in the order that i want, I'd do it, but once you select them, they come up in that order. So bear with me as I figure this out later....

Zoey,my friends's cat. She's a fat cat. Really, really fat. You'll see...

David and Evan. Fixing his guitar neck that broke. Evan plays guitar nonstop. On Sunday, he "broke a record" and played for 1 hour, 5 min. and 3 seconds.....nonstop. Trust me he really did, I was in the same room...it WAS nonstop. But really, I love when he plays guitar. He's so talented and I love when he plays Coldplay songs. He's written his own songs and music too.

Right now my front yard is full of snow and there is no other color. But in the Spring, these daffodils were such a surprise to see being that it was the first time in our new house. I had no idea that there were all of these bulbs underneath my Columbines and daisies. In the back and front were daily surprises of new flowers and plants. I never knew what would pop up from day to day.

I was inspired a couple of years ago by going to a cabin for the weekend in the Big Bear area in Calif. with 3 girlfriends to see hundreds of acres of daffodils. So I had planted them in my garden back home in L.A. So you can imagine my delight to see many more daffodils pop up in my new yard from the previous owner...and they were so gorgeous. They made me happy just to look at them.

Zoey, again. My friend Shelly's cat. She is big and she is lazy. And she goes perfect with that black and white floor, don't you think? Shelly, I hope you don't mind that I posted these here.

On our way to Aspen, we took pictures of little towns in between. The Aspens and colors were every bit of gorgeous I thought they would be. Loved this drive. Driving long distances back home, we didn't have 5 hour drives that were stunning every step of the way. Driving to Palm Springs and Las Vegas, was desert. What new experiences for my brain.

Our backyard before the leaves fell and the snow came and the boys friends tore the green awning off of the playground set.

Zoey again. They live in Orange, CA. Zoey lives in Orange AND Newport Beach....get it, she's so big...lives both places...hah! Sorry Zoey.

Brandon on David's bike, which is soon to be mine in the Spring when David buys his new bike and I sell my old one. I love this bike. It rides well and I can't wait for it to me mine.


Mitchell Mischief said...

Love the ramdom pix. Your new state is beautiful. I would love to come and explore with you. I've always wanted to visit. Ken and Kasey went to Denver for the Monday night Bronco game in October. We are long time Bronco fans. Hopefully someday we will make it for a visit. Love ya and Merry CHRISTmas.

Lisa W. said...

HI Sharon,
Yes, come visit. Come stay with us (or not), but say hi next time you're in town. And not "hopefully, some day". Make it for sure!