Thursday, May 21, 2009

Update on my friend Deb ... and her fight with Cancer

Well, back in March, I was on a flight within 24 hours of hearing that my long time friend's bout with cancer was taking a turn for the worst. I packed up Brandon and Tigist (Tigist cause I had to have her with me and Brandon to help me and he was able to do his E-school with a laptop anywhere) and we flew the next morning to LA airport.

A small group of us met up and devised a plan to do some major fundraising to help Deb with her growing bills while she is recovering and undergoing so much for so long. Here is the link ...

At this time she is doing okay. While I was there for about 12 days and saw her as much as I could without tiring her out. I was only able to see her for 30 minutes at a time before she needed to rest again. During the time I was there, she was already improving, but had a night where we almost lost her and she "blue-coded".

She has been through so much and has gone through much pain, it was not good. Deb and I have been friends for 35 years (since jr. high) and have maintained our friendship all this time. It's been an effort to keep a friendship like this going, but so worth it.

Battling liver cancer (originally pancreatic) for 10 years, this is not new for her, she is a fighter. She was in the hospital for over 4 weeks before they let her come home. She's now undergoing dialysis and chemo while staying with her sister. It was really fantastic to see her and her persevering spirit as usual. I left knowing that she was stable and perhaps riding a small miracle of recovery???

While I was in L.A. we took Tigist to the beach for her first beach experience. I didn't get any pictures cause I didn't have my camera with me. She played in the water with Brandon for a really long time and did not want to get out. I mainly stayed in Deb's area to see her as much as I can. Tigist had met many of our friends and thrives when she is with people. We had rented a convertible which was been wonderful when the days are nice. Most of the days we stayed over at Deb's home in Diamond Bar where we were running around a lot. Brandon did as much school as possible, but sometimes cannot get the internet going or his school site ... so a bit frustrating for us.

One night we had a dozen of us High School friends meet up at Deb's to sort of just reflect on her friendship to us as well as our unique bond that we all have over these 30 years since we graduated from High School.

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