Sunday, May 31, 2009

Two More Babies Coming From Tigist's Orphanage!

This weekend I held a baby shower for our friends Brandi and Travis Akins. They'll be picking up their 2 babies (twin boy and girl about 18 mo. old) and they are, how cool is this, coming from Tigist's orphanage. This is a dynamic couple, whose love for children and adoption are so beautiful, it is inspiring. They have 4 children now and just passed court on Friday. So these 2 precious twins are now part of this family and I cannot wait to meet them in about 5 to 6 weeks!

Their shower cake. Do you know how hard it is to find black baby figures to put on a cake? Hard!

Some of their family and friends.

Aren't they adorable! And the kids too!


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Hi... just happen to cross your site... so great to see kids getting to be with their families... I am on a long wait to get our daughter from China... we are just around the corner though... it has been a long, long wait that is finally near the end...

Lisa and David said...

Hi Fliss and Mike,
Great that you came upon our blog. I know many people have are waiting for China and some that have their children home from China. Bless your heart for being so patient. Hang in there and visit back here ... we love visitors.