Friday, May 22, 2009

Sadie and Mom's Birthday!

I thought it would be fun and get me to take more purposeful pictures if I started this "Picture A Day". So each day I'll post a picture and write a bit about it.

May 13 is our cat, Sadie's birthday and also the birthday of my Mom.

We shared a mini cake and sang both of them Happy Birthday. It seems I still think of my Mom daily and want to share so much with her. I miss her so much, it hurts to think about not talking to her anymore, yet it's been 6 years. It was so neat that when we adopted Sadie from PetCo, it turned out her birthday was the same as my Mom's birthday, so how special is that?

Sadie has become very comfortable with Tigist around now. Tigist has this unique quality of being very gentle around babies, animals and people who are hurt. It's innate in her and so precious to see. When someone has an "owie" she gets a bandaide if one is near.

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