Monday, May 25, 2009

Denver's Hidden Gems ... "Bombay Clay Oven"

Bombay Clay Oven ... Indian Cuisine in Cherry Creek North. Denver, Co

I look forward to dining al fresco in the Summer time too.

The service was good, but it is hard to live up to most of the American service expectancies (can I use that word there???). I think you would all agree that service from different cultures are usually different and less catering to the customer. We sat in the corner booth, which was so very cozy with our shoes off.

The cozy booths where you have to cross your legs to sit down or spread them out along the seated pillows. It was fun to sit in a booth where your shoes had to come off and you sat around about a dozen pillows. I'm glad I just had my toes and fee attended too. And my husband's socks did NOT have holes...good for us!

My handsome husband ...

me ....

I forgot to take a picture of our food ... (bad blogger), but I was so full and satisfied I did not want to go out afterwards, which is what we did. We ordered Chicken Tikka Masala with Veg Samosa, onion baji and Naan...they offer different levels of spiciness (mild, med, hot). We ordered the naan in a basket variety and it was a lot actually. I still have leftovers in the fridge, but I would only order the basket if we were with 2 other couples. It's interesting how when we decided to go out, and you were to ask me if I would rather stay home or go out, I would choose to stay home where it is warm and cozy and my comfy clothes are a closet away. But always, I'm so happy to be there when I'm THERE! Downtown Denver and the Cherry Creek area have so many hidden gems.

And what I love about my new Denver city, is that we went at peak time on a Sat. night on the main freeway ... absolutely NO traffic. We arrived in 15 minutes and parked 4 cars down in front. This is not what I'm use to coming from the Los Angles area. David and I had a really great night out while our teens put Tigist to bed and the house was not on fire when we arrived home. Thank God!

Afterwards, we went to see an amazing female saxophonist Candy Dulfer. I'll write more later under another Denver Gem post.

If you live in Denver I would encourage you to check out not only this Indian restaurant, but many of the hidden gems that you drive by or see on line.

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