Friday, August 29, 2008

Tigist ... Home for 7 days now

Tigist has been home for only 7 days and she is doing wonderfully. She learns new words every day. She trusts us more every day, although this hasn't seemed to be a big problem from day one.

Her age is still undetermined. Most say she is under 2, we'll see when she sees a doctor soon. We are choosing the age of 2 for her because she is definitely not 3 and not 1, so 2 ... it is. Her birthday is the day we met her, which has great meaning for all of us. She naps for 2 hours, goes to bed at 9pm and gets up about 8am. Not a bad schedule for us all.

The boys have taken to her wonderfully, the cat doesn't hate her, the neighbors have all stopped by on day 2 to welcome and meet her. The kids especially seem to take to her cause she's so little. As soon as she gets up and also after meals, we put her on the potty and she does her business. They did a great job at the orphanage with her manners and potty training.

Because she was the youngest of the "walkies" (excluding infants) I believe she had to take care of herself in whatever fashion worked, so she tends to bite when she's at her limit. We scold her big time for that and I can see it in her eyes that she knows she has been naughty. Today, we put her in time out in her high chair for biting Evan really hard, so this will not fly here at all! Her loud crying bouts are becoming much less and shorter than when she first came home, so she's learning every day about how life works here in this house.

She doesn't seem to know that the room we all hang out in is HER room, but that'll come with time. She's actually never slept alone in that room yet, besides naps, so she probably thinks it's like the orphange where many people sleep in the same room. She loves getting dressed in her new clothes. It is so much fun to dress her cause she is just so cute. I keep her hair in the rubberbands with the squares all over as her hair is only about an inch long. I keep product in it called Luster's Pink Original in a pink bottle. This seems to work well.

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