Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 6 of 19 ... Amalfi Coast & Positano, Italy!

August 7th, 2008

Our last night in Positano. We drive to Rome in the morning for a one night stay and then to the airport.

The Amalfi Coast has become famous throughout the world for the unique beauty of its landscapes. The twisting road squeezed between the rocks reveals tantalizing glimpses of small villages, secluded bays, and inlets, all looking out over a clear blue sea in stark contrast to the lush green Mediterranean flora which colors the slopes of the hills and cliffs.

(Okay, I didn't write that paragraph above, but isn't it written beautifully?)

Today was fun. We drove the car towards the Amalfi area along the Amalfi Coast. That is another area with very old city walkways and beautiful coast line. The drive is so tight and small streets and you see dents on almost all cars.

Armando and Rosella ... our new friends

Each morning after breakfast on the beautiful terrace, David and I come down to the lobby and take care of about ½ an hours worth of business. We have our friend back home fulfilling orders as we email her information, so our business keeps on running. (FYI, David produces training DVDs that sell world wide for music and recording equipment for the music industry). So we noticed that one of our customers lived here in the area. This was a bit bitter sweet because we had some problems with his order. I emailed him saying we are trying to fix it up and mentioned that we were in his part of town, coincidentally. He replied back saying that he wanted to meet us for dinner. He rearranged his plans and drove quite a ways to meet us here at our hotel. We ended up having dinner right in front of our hotel at this outdoor café. The night was perfect and although we started late, we ended dinner at almost midnight. This man was delightful and so very interesting. He had purchased a VM-3100, which means nothing to you the reader, but he’s worked for McDonnel Douglas as an aerospace engineer for many years and makes music for his creative outlet. He told us about how he’s traced his family geneology here in Italy (Naples or rather Napoli) back I think more than 1000 years, but he said it was easy because his family stayed at the same house for 800 years. Really hard to understand the immensity of this kind of lineage.

Blogging...and working the business.

Entrance to our hotel, Posa Posa

Front of Posa Posa

We take cat pictures for Brandon and Evan

View as we walk from our hotel to the beach

Another balcony & window dressing

Amalfi Beach

Ooh la la!

Driving from Positano to Amalfi

My husband is a creative genius. This morning we were discussing how to go about doing the laundry. Do we pay for it to be done here? Or in Rome? Or in Ethiopia? Do we hand wash it? I needed clean clothes (its been so hot and sweaty). So as he met me at the café down the road for lunch, he told me that he put all of our dirty clothes in the tub, threw some soap in and started the Jacuzzi. Then before he left to meet me, just turned off the Jacuzzi and let them soak. What a guy! Even does the laundry. We had our usual Spaghetti Bolognese at a café overlooking the Amalfi Coast. Boats and ships peppered the sea with the sounds of children laughing and splashing in the ocean. Even though we were high up on the cliffside, the sounds from below whisper up into the life going on within the enclave.

Young boys playing on the beach ... no X box here!!!!

Amalfi ... beautiful

Card playing ...

They say the water from some of these fountains are so clean that you just drink out of them.

It's actually very good ... I tried it!

You may have guessed by now, but I love what they do with the balconies

Amalfi Coast pictures

Limoncello is everywhere. They make it from the rind of the lemon from very large lemons here in Sorrento. It is sweet and sour with alcohol. And you drink it in very small glasses chilled. We had some last night after our dinner with Armando.


Lots of Limoncello

Amalfi Coast beach

Beautiful architecture ... black and cream marble

A wedding kiss ...

Kiss on the beach ...

It's finally over ... she must be saying!!

Amalfi Coast pictures


Terry Gallina said...

Ciao Amici-Hello Friends,
Love, love, love the pictures. By now you must be on your way to Rome. The time difference just hit me, you are about six hours ahead of us. You have a long flight ahead of you and then your sweet baby T will be in your arms. Our prayers have been answered. I can hardly wait for the moment.

SDR said...

Is that David in the speedo?

;) Shawn

Leah Reeves said...

It looks like you are having an amazing trip. The pictures are beautiful.

Lisa and David said...

Yes, Shawn...that is in fact David in the speedo. Nice bum, huh?

Lory Howlett said...

Isn't it amazing that we take so many cat pictures for our kids????

(Still jealous), Lory

Kaleb Ashenafi Chase said...

just gorgeous. so glad you were able to experience this.