Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 11 of 19 ... Addis Ababa ... 2nd day with Tigist

Sunday, 10th, 2008

Today was the same as yesterday. Spent many hours at the orphanage with Tigist and interacting with the other children. One girl named “Y” will actually be coming to our area to live with her Mother Lydia. I’ve brought formula for Lydia to take to her baby boy who is 4 mo. old, but looks like an infant. She wanted to make sure that he had some good nutrition until she could pick him up. The neat thing is, “Y” was offered to us back in April at the same time as Tigist, but since Tigist was already younger than we had asked for, “Y” being 1 ½ yrs. Old was even younger. So we accepted just Tigist. To have “Y” now coming to our area is so sweet as we can spend time with her and still watch her grow. I spent time with her too and she is just so cute. The most beautiful face, and when she smiles … well, when they all smile, you truly melt. If you come here not intending to adopt, you will leave having changed your mind. That is what happens in these places. So come!!! Adopt. It is a good thing.

Tigist fell asleep in David’s arms after just a few minutes. It is so good to see that she trusts us. So good. The nannies here are always doing something with these children. The amount of laundry they do each day is mind boggling. There is always over 100 pieces of laundry hanging to dry all over. When it rains, they must bring it all in and hang it out again tomorrow. The big kids help too. They have a grass area that we saw a guy cutting with some scissors cutting the grass 4 inches at a time. Life here is so different.

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Leah Reeves said...

All the pictures are wonderful... they takes me back. I am so happy Tigist is doing great.
It was so wonderful to talk with you today, thanks. I have been thinking a lot about your family.