Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 14 of 19 ... Addis Ababa ... Embassy Day!

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Embassy Day … Tigist gets her golden ticket … permission to leave her country and start her new life.

Today we got to see the other Agency families as we all have the same Embassy date today. It was pretty painless. We were especially excited because today Abebe let us take Tigist back to our hotel permanently. It felt great to know we were done with all of the paperwork, running around and uncertainty. The only thing left was getting our flight out of here. We went to the Hilton Ethiopian Airlines desk where we expressed our concern for not having a ticket out of Africa for our daughter. It seemed miraculous that although all seats were booked thru September, there were 3 seats available on Saturday. Well, well … we will be going home after all. I was getting concerned that we would incur more and more costs by waiting for seats to open. That was a relief to book those tickets and to see Tigist’s name on a plane ticket. We were so excited to bring her back to this beautiful hotel and enjoy her company without any worries. She is so bonded to us … it warms my heart to no end.

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