Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 7 of 19 ... Leaving Positano for Rome!

We're off to Rome now. We meet "T" the day after tomorrow.

We hung out today down at the beach of Positano. We had lunch and struck up a conversation with a young couple who had just gotten married on Friday ... Our 2 hour lunch was really fantastic speaking with them. When you are in different country and do not speak the language, you can feel a bit isolated if you do not connect with anybody. They were from New Jersey and her parents were totally Italian having moved from italy over 30 yrs. ago, but it was cute because they said they still hang on to all of the traditional things about Italy. Really sweet time today.

Beach area

Then for dinner, we came back, showered and walked down to eat at this place for the 3rd time. It just had a great view, good food and they have you a bucket of ice for your coke-lite .. we like that. Next to us we struck up another absolutely incredible time speaking with Katia and Ernesto. They had the waiter pour us some of their wine to show their friendliness and appreciation for a favor David did for them. Their English was very limited, but Ernesto tried so hard to communicate so many things to us. It was absolutely the best time after feeling like we hadn't gotten any connections with many people here. He was absolutely adorable. An antiquities dealer and he was telling us about a place he went to today that was "Most important to Greek Temples and the time of the Conquest". His girlfriend Katia was as sweet as they come trying to help him with her limited English to explain things to us. I felt as if God just put the cherry on this amazing cake by setting them next to us at this dinner. It's funny because we sat down to eat dinner up the road, was served our coke-lite, but then I told David that I wanted to eat elsewhere because of the fumes of the scooters, buses and cars passing inches from my breathing space. We paid for the cokes, left and went to this restaurant .. and voila-lah! An amazing night.

When we were all done eating, Ernesto gave the keys to his "moto" to David and told him to take a ride on it around the streets. Wow! What trust ... so David took the keys and drove the zig-zag look around the entire hills on this 1700 cc "moto". That is a powerful bike, but he only ever got it into 2nd gear. I didn't want to go on it as I was nervous about David on it for the first time. So I let him go on it alone to have some fun. I walked and talked to Ernesto and Katia for a while and again ... just amazing time spent. I'm sure we will keep in touch.

Dinner next to Ernesto and Katia

kids playing in the sea ... having fun.

Shawn, there is David again ... kidding!

View from lunch at the Positano Beach

Greg and Nadia newlyweds from new Jersey took this photo of us

More gelato for David

down at the beach area

This is the restaurant window where in the movie "Only You" Marisa Tomei has dinner with who she thinks is the love of her life. A beautiful scene in the movie that showcases Positano.


Abundis Family said...

Cousin David and Lisa,
It is so amazing taking this journey with you. Thank you for such a beautiful job of documenting it.We are so happy that you get this wonderful time just the 2 of you. Anticipating the amazing and emotional moments to come when you first see "T". Can't wait to read all about it. Thinking of you every day. Kristi, Robbie, Isabella and Gavin

Leah Reeves said...

I feel like I am on vacation with you. Thanks!

Debbie said...

Your pictures are gorgeous and glad you are having fun!!!


Debbie said...

I keep checking back for updates with your daughter!!


Leah Reeves said...

Are you Home??????