Monday, September 1, 2008

Pictures of the Princess!!

Time in the backyard is fun on a nice day. She loves her cat Sadie

Playing with her brothers

She loves a good cuddle

Again ... my blogging buddy

She stood here for about 20 minutes playing with the fountain.

Evan and Tigist taking a siesta in backyard

Doing her hair ... what do ya think?

I'm getting better at doing her hair. I like this style on her.

Time for a wagon ride for ice cream ... even though she doesn't even eat the stuff!


Olympics balance beam time ...

I told her to go ni-nite in the basket. She's always good for a fun picture.

Who else in the world gets a "Potty Song" when they go to the potty?


Michelle said...

Loved the pictures! Thanks for sharing. She is a doll!

Woody said...

Oh, David & Lisa! She's absolutely gorgeous, precious, wonderful and her hair is perfect! I'm proud of you. Sure miss my wrong-side-of-the-golf-club buddy!

Stephanie and Gary said...

Lisa, she is so precious. I love seeing her in your life now!! It's just beautiful. and her hair is adorable too! I have an interesting anecdote and forgot your email address. Please send it to


Melodie Monberg said...

I've been following your journey these many months...thank you especially for your post about whether to bring siblings with you to get baby. We were debating...but I think will leave our two home when we get our daughter this spring.

Your little girl is beautiful!


Sherry said...

Tigist is adjusting well it looks like from the pics. :) She is definitely a spoiled girl to get her own potty song! How sweet is that?!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!! I love seeing how your sweet girl is adjusting. Love the hair! She sure has beautiful teeth! I think Africans in general have nicer teeth than Americans. There's nothing like finally having a girl when we've been so used to our boys, is there? So so sweet!
Big hug to you all.
Oh, some friends of ours are looking into adoption. Would you recommend your agency? I know my agency works with Ethiopia also but I don't know much about that program.
Let me know your thoughts.

Lisa and David said...

Thanks for your comments. Yes it is great to have a girl in the house! I love it.
Normally I WOULD recommend our agency, IAN, but as of today, the main girl there is leaving and I am not confident without her and do not know anyone who works there. Sorry.

Kaleb Ashenafi Chase said...

congratulations! i love the tutu.

Leah Reeves said...

What cute little lady. We are excited to meet your family soon.

Tales of a Diva Housewife said...

She is absolutely adorable. Great pics. So far a great job with her hair.

Lisa and David said...

Dear Tales of a Diva Housewife,
Thanks. It is so wonderful to have her home and be on this side of this whole process. She is learning everyday!

Angela said...

She has the prettiest teeth and so tall. She's going to be a beautiful woman.

Lisa and David said...

I agree ... she sure does have very nice teeth. Her Mommy sure took VERY good care of her before having to make the courageous decision to offer her a life full of opportunity. Nice to "meet" you! I love your "about me" ... love that you find time to read. I'm working on that.