Monday, September 1, 2008

Children's Heaven ... Hanna Fanta

We met Hanna in Denver at a fund raiser she held for her teenage girls in Ethiopia. Our visit to day at Children's Heaven was just wonderful time with Hanna and these beautiful girls.

David, Hanna, Me and Tigist

Hanna with Tigist

Coffee ceremony

The girls watching some of the other girls put on a program for us.

David offered up his guitar to Hanna as she shared with us back in Denver that she wanted to learn to play.

I loved seeing the girls play with her...


Abbie H. said...

Hello. We don't know each other but I found you by way of a video on youtube.
I was so happy to hear that you were able to visit your sponsored child through Compassion while picking up your daughter.
We are going to start the adoption process in about a year and a half (my daughter has to be a little older for the age we are wanting to adopt). We have 3 Compassion kids, but are considering starting a sponsorship with a child in Ethiopia so that we can visit them when we pick up our adopted child. It was great to read about someone else actually doing it.

Your daughter is beautiful. I loved watching the video of your sons excitement when you told them! I was sitting in front of my laptop laughing! I loved it!

Take care,

Lisa and David said...

Dear Abbie,
I'm glad you found our blog and had a good laugh at our boys' reaction. It is quite funny. I love those boys. And since she's been home, they have not faltered in their feelings for their little sister. They absolutely adore her and will even do the dirty stuff should I ask.

I quickly glanced at your blog and it looks like fun reading. Your daughter is beautiful ...

We wish you the best in your adoption process and sponsoring yet another child. Compassion will love setting you up to meet your child, they just need I think a 6 week notice. I hope you read the post I wrote on the day we met Fatuma (I'm assuming you did). It was just unforgettable. She was so grateful to have this time with us and know that someone so far away cares so much for her. Remember the adoption process can take from 9 to 18 months, so just consider that when you decided to start your process. Ethiopia is becoming a more desirable place to adopt from and the wait time now is not that bad (mine 9 1/2 mo. others, 5 to 9 months.) But I have a feeling that the wait will increase as the months pass.

All the best,

meganj said...

Hi Lisa,
We haven't met yet, but you did meet my husband and one of our sons on the playground last week. I have enjoyed reading your blog, it gives us much to look forward to when our referral comes. Hopefully we can be in touch.

Lisa and David said...

It was good to meet your husband at the park ... call me anytime. You must be so excited waiting for your referral!!