Monday, April 7, 2008

Up Close and Personal ... with Joe Satriani

Wow! Yesterday the boys had an afternoon that they'll remember forever! We had learned a couple of weeks ago that a well known guitarist Joe Satriani was going to be at our local Guitar Center...Since David and the boys (not I) are guitarists, we absolutely had to be there.

At least it took my mind off of the YOU KNOW WHAT that I'm waiting for!!!

Joe Satriani

He did a "clinic" at Guitar Center

Man...this guy can play and talk!

He was explaining to the crowd that you have to find the "sweet spot" on the stage because there is so much feedback and interference that you have to find the "sound" that you're looking for.

Brandon (13) and Joe Satriani
The boys were in heaven being there. He signed their guitars in silver sharpie so it looks so fantastic on the black guitar.

Evan asked him how old he was when he started playing....he said he was 14.

Funny... I was just flossing my teeth too this way today with MY guitar!!

This guy is amazing. There were over 500 people in line by the time it opened at 6pm and just take a guess who was FIRST in line....uh huh! Yes, it was us. On our way to church yesterday, we drive by the Guitar Center to see if anyone would be in line, but of course at 11am there was no one. The boys were jumping out of their skin to be the first in line and I wanted them to be the first in line cause it would just be so cool to sit right up front as Joe plays only 5 feet from our eyes. So I dropped the boys off with chairs, food, guitars and their cell phones and I went back home and cleaned, picked up Evan's friend to stand in line with him and took them some more stuff I printed out on Joe Satriani... all his facts and bio for them to read.

So, I could write pages of how cool this was, but after waiting 7 hours in line (worth it, what else were they going to do all day...besides ditch church for Joe...sorry God, you understand when you hear him play) it was worth it. I got so many great pictures of him. This was a "clinic" so between each song, he would talk about how he came up with the song and how he plays the way he does. Then he anwered 4 questions from the audience and both Brandon AND Evan got their questions answered by Joe. Then we were FIRST in line again to get their guitars signed and get a picture with him.......I just looOOOve being first!! Evan's friend Omar just bought his first guitar the day before and then to have Joe sign it was just way cool.

Yesterday was really great. Mostly because my 3 mens were happy...and that makes ME happy! The only downfall is that I didn't get to check my email for 8 hours...I kept wondering if I'd miss my agency sending me a referral!! But nothing yet!

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Laura said...

how awesome! I'm sure you scored some cool mom points with the boys for that! :)