Saturday, April 5, 2008

Last Adoption Class Completed!

We had our last adoption class today. It's nice to be done with everything like that.

No news on the medical for our possible 2 1/2 year old and no news on a second referral yet. The wait feels like forever and the phone rings are always hopeful that it's our adoption agency calling with good news. There are several couples from our agency at different stages and it's nice to see us all moving along....feels like at a snail's pace...but moving along at any pace is good.

Last week we went to our Ethiopian church. I volunteered in the toddler class as usual and David sang songs to all the classes. Pastor prayed feverishly over a picture of our referral in hopes of good news very soon and that should she be our child, that she would do great things when she gets older and gives back to her community back in Addis Ababa. I thought that was so beautiful.

And last night, we were privileged to have Mesfin and his family over for dinner. If you recall, they are our new friends at the church. What a lovely family. We had wonderful conversation throughout the night about many things. Fascinating to get to know people and their lives which have been so different than how I grew up.

My friend Shere' from So. Cal who has been waiting for 2 1/2 years for her daughter from Vietnam is on the plane at the moment to finally hold her daughter in her arms for the first time and bring her home. That is a long process. Another gal at our agency (Leah) is hoping to pass court today for the 3rd try .... and I wait for my news.

That's it for now.......


SDR said...

Lisa - Sorry to dampen your spirits but did you get the email from Aneata about the 5th class they offered (otherwise we don't get the 24 hours). Its in June. I don't think you're done with training yet, I'll forward you the email if you want. :(


Terry Gallina said...

Hey Lisa, hang is there buddy. You seem to be keeping busy while you and the family and the rest of wait. You are our biggest example of patience. Send pictures of your dinner with Mesfin and family. I can only imagine what a special presentation you had ready for them. Love you much, Terry

Lisa W. said...

Regarding the class...I spoke with Sylvia at IAN on 3/11 after that email and she assured me that I was good with the 4 classes and the "5th" class was "done". Now that you bring it up again, I'm not sure now. I'll speak with Aneata...very confusing, I wish they would make that clearer.

Lisa W. said...

Ooh! You're up nice and early reading this stuff. You are such a loyal friend. Our dinner was so rich with their company. No pictures taken as we were just busy conversing and enjoying their company. Yes, I do try to keep busy while waiting. I know it'll be easier for me when I receive and accept 2 referrals. I feel like then I can just prepare and not sit in limbo. I am in fact trying to be patient, but this particular part is very hard as you wait for your "children to be directed to you" is in fact strange and I have nowhere to "file" these emotions in my brain!
Have a great week! Glad you did not get visited by any tornadoes last week.

Leah Reeves said...

I hope you get her medical soon. The wait is hard.
We should all hope our Ethiopian babies give back to their birth country someday. I know I do.