Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nothing new...Just waiting for a Court Date.

The court date is the next important and vital step in this process. "T" is in our hearts and minds and prayers EVERY day, actually most moments of the day for all 4 of us here. But, until then, I'm reminded by my agency ("A", you know I'm talkin' about you!! I kid! ;) that anything can happen between now and the court date. I am prepared for that, but will PRAY fervently that NOTHING stands in the way. Should I know or find out that her mother/father was there and healthy and can raise her, that would be a better choice for "T", but highly unlikely is that to happen and so therefore I pray only for the BEST possible situation for this precious little girl who God has amazing plans for and loves dearly.

Her name translated is quite apropos. (Unfortunately I can't post it....googling is way too easy these days.) But, you'd agree with me that the meaning from Amharic to English is ironic. Each time I see her picture, my heart yearns more for her. I see her face and those eyes looking back at me, it's as if she is waiting patiently for us to come to her. When you see her picture you'll know what I mean. She's not smiling, but she's not frowning...she's just looking. Another parent with our agency said that her picture (on our agency's private site) looks as though she is "wise". I thought that was a very insightful description. She really does. She does not look babyish, she does not look sad, just really sweet and strong. I said in my last post that that phase of this adoption was the hardest, whereas most parents consider this part the hardest. I still feel that way. Now I know who she is (and I am well aware that ANYTHING can happen and she could not come to us), but I am at peace with the waiting and know that she will get here when she's ready. If you know me, you'd know that if there was anything I could do to speed this process, I'd be doin' it.

So I wait for our Dossier to be approved, then a court date that our facilitator will go to court on our behalf. As soon as we "pass court", we will be notified shortly thereafter and celebrate yet another milestone. Very, VERY important step...passing court. Then she is "legally" our daughter and we can exhale. Evan has moved into Brandon's old room, so "T" can have Evan's old room, which is a little bigger for her to have some toys and play in. It's in shambles at the moment, but this is the fun part, creating a place for her that is FEMININE. Those old boas that we use for Karaoke, are now in her room hanging on her bedpost. David and the boys are going to shine up the old swing set in the back, so she can build memories with her brothers up on top of the "fort" area before sliding down.

Ohhh....so many things to ponder. God loves it when we shake things up! Here's to us...shakin' it up!


LISA said...

Lisa, I hope you get a court date soon, and get to be with "T"

Christina said...

That's exciting that things are moving along! Maybe you should change your blog name to My Ethiopian Girl since there likely won't be 2!
I hope you like the kittens on my blog!

The Feathered Nest said...

Lisa, We are so happy for you! We have been following your journey for about a month. We are still in the dreaming phase of adoption! We have two awesome bio kids, whom I homeschool and look forward to God moving on our behalf and providing everything we need to move forward towards Ethiopia. Your blog has been a blessing and inspiration to us. (mostly me...but hubby, who is a worship pastor and lead guitarist even showed some interest in your latest pics of Joe Satriani!!) Anyway, we continue to pray for your adoption process to go smoothly and quickly. And rejoice that you are being increased with more wonderful children to add to your beautiful family! Thanks for sharing all that you do :-) Jenny in NY

Lisa W. said...

Dear Feathered Nest Jenny in NY....
What a wonderful comment you left. I was where you were in November and I had to bring information to my husband that I'd collected so that it made sense. Luckily, my husband's heart is amazing and it didn't take much to agree to move forward.
My boys and my husband play guitar and they do worship in various way with our church as well as our new Ethiopian church. Where abouts are you in NY (one of my favorite places in the world). Should you or your husband have any questions, please feel free to email me. I know it can be a very emotional decision, but the riches...oh!! We are considering on our way back from ET to stop in NY for 2 days, not the city, but a quiet area. Hoping a friend we know in the area can offer a place that is out of the city though.
Thanks for reading, nice to meet you.

~Laura~ said...

I can't wait to see little "T"!!! Come on court date!!!!

Amber said...

Your process has gone so fast. i pray you get your court date soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for your posts about Lana (not Lani :-)

I got your phone call and look forward to chatting. Still trying to clear my head after jet lag and lack of sleep.

I'm so excited that things are moving for you and I'm sorry that it looks like you'll be getting one daughter instead of two (at least this go around) but I imagine you are going to love lavishing her with all your love and may appreciate that she gets it all instead of sharing it with a sister.

I'll call you in the next day or so. Can't wait to see you when you are in town.


~Laura~ said...

No worries! You should be fine. My staple holes were pointed out by my agency BEFORE it went to Washington. I'm praying it gets the ok today by my agency. I've sent them pictures of all the documents. So frustrating.

Kathy said...

So happy for you that you have your referral for "T" and that you know who you are adopting now. We pray that it will all go well and in a very timely fashion (in other words ASAP).