Thursday, March 27, 2008

I have been tagged!

Ok so i've been tagged by Amber from Dallas. I've never been tagged, but from what I have been told, I have to share 10 things about myself. I kept going and found 20....that's me, the over-writer!

20 things about me you may not have known!
  1. I always wanted to adopt.
  2. As a child, I use to like to sing on top of Shakey's piano at our local pizza place.
  3. I grew up white in a mostly Mexican neighborhood.
  4. I learned Spanish very well.
  5. I've heard many things in Spanish that were not meant for me to hear.
  6. This has been beneficial to me at times.
  7. There are 6 moments that top my list of "unbelievable". Adopting these 2 girls is #6. The #5 is one Monday in Africa where part of our heart was torn out and left in Botswana.
  8. One day, the 6 of us will go back to Ethiopia so our boys can leave a piece of their heart too.
  9. My sister is only a year and half older than me, but has 5 grandchildren.
  10. I have no grandchildren and will have children younger than some of her grandchildren.
  11. I don't like that math!
  12. She does.
  13. I've been to 14 countries (Australia, Belgium, Botswana, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, UK)
  14. I still want to visit 11 more countries (Aruba, Bahamas, Egypt, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Morocco, Portugal, Saint Lucia and Spain)
  15. I am soon adding Ethiopia to that list.
  16. As a child, I found out that if you put a pinto bean up your nose, it doesn't come out.
  17. When I was young, I wasn't sure there was a God.
  18. Now I'm sure.
  19. My husband has written many songs and they all bring me to tears.
  20. I can't wait for the song he will write after meeting our 2 beautiful girls from Ethiopia.


Stephanie said...

Such a lovely list! I'm still thinking of you, though you don't know it, after having discovered your sons fantastic reaction to the news on YouTube. Looking forward to following the journey.
Sincerely, Steph

Lisa W. said...

Hi Stephanie,
I love that you posted a comment and are so sweet to think about us. I'm excited for you cause you have a blog about your "decision" and that means you'll have to have a happy ending. And I know how it goes. (hah!) I saw some of your photos and they are gorgeous. What a gift.

Sherry said...

Great list Lisa! I find the grandchildren thing pretty funny!

LISA said...

Love the list!It's funny since a lot of people my age are grandparents,and I'm starting over!

Lisa W. said...

I know...the grandmother thing with my sister kills me, but she started VERY early and I started a little late, then adopting late in life...but it's all about the girls and that makes me very happy. Although my sisters life is free of kids, full of a loving husband-to-be, and romantic dinners every night...they are sickly in love, our lives are so different, yet we are only 18 months apart. It's comical.

Debbie said...

Great information!!!

I could be a gramma to bio grandkids, but I'm not yet, just to 3 "by chice" grandkiddos!!


Debbie said...

Yes you will have to do the readoption, because they will come home on an IR 4 visa. Heidy came home on an IR 3 because we visited her but... in Ethiopia most people don't visit, so it's an IR 4 visa. The reason we did it was to get a domestic birth certificate. What you will get is a Certificate of a Foreign Birth. That is what we got for Heidy. Most school systems do not like foreign birth certificates.

Does this help?

Lisa W. said...

It sure does help. Thank you very much. Now I can look forward to this experience as well.

Amber said...

That was great reading your list. Any news on a court date? Did I miss you talking about that. Sorry I havent been in touch in a while but I'm still reading the blog.

Lisa W. said...

Hi Amber,
I keep updated on your blog using so each night I know whether you posted or not. No news on any court date as I am still waiting 2 referrals. What I've learned is that 2 girl toddlers are not that easy to come across if you can believe it. I're thinking with 5 million THAT'S 5 M I L L I O N orphans in Ethiopia alone, how can 2 toddler girls not come my way. But it's true. The processing over there is limited, the number of orphans are massive, but the orphanages are very limited and can only hold so many at a time. So when 2 orphans leave to their new family, 2 more can come in. You will be one that I call when I have good news. Thank you for supporting me all the way in are so sweet. The best to both of us, huh?

Leah Reeves said...

Your referral will come soon. We should travel in about 4 weeks, if all goes well with court on Saturday, and I would love to see your girls.
The picture on my blog was our baby. I only had it up for a short time for family and friends. Once I started commenting on non-IAN blogs I had to take it down.

Lisa W. said...

Yes, if we have our referrals by the time you travel, and our girls are at Hope For The Abandoned, that would be a great opportunity for us to ask you to bring back pictures for us. We'll see! Here's hoping for a smooooOOth court date Sat. for you.