Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Brandon..........I have a teenager!

Today is Brandon's birthday. My oldest son is 13 and I just can't believe it. My husband took him away for the weekend for some "Manly" time. Actually, the best gift he received was a book that my husband compiled with the help of 21 other men.

A month ago, David wrote a beautiful letter to the men in Brandon's life who have meant something to him. Each man was to write a letter to a 13 year old with the best "life" advice they could give him accompanied by a picture of themself. He received so many amazing letters from the heart of men we so admire and respect. He got one from his youth pastor leader where he loooOOOves to go every Wednesday night. He got one from Pop in Australia with incredible advice about life and having lived through so much experience. He received one from our pastor Bob in Orange County where we use to of our most favorite people in the whole world. I could go on about the particulars, but this was one gift that could not be bought.

Our friends here in town lent them their cabin for a Man to Man retreat to talk about what it means to become a man. What a great time they had together.


Sherry said...

What a wonderful idea and gift! It will be one of those that is treasured forever and looked back on.

Sherry said...


Terry Gallina said...

What a great idea and important one too. You guys are always going the extra mile to make your kids feel special. Thirteen years ago could seem like yesterday. Mine will be thirteen soon and I still see him as my baby so helpless in my arms. He's much taller than me, he knows who's boss, I finally got my body guard. He's a ton of fun but it does seem like yesterday that I was holding him close in my arms. WOW! Our babies are 13.

Lisa W. said...

I know. I can't believe I have a teenager. Thanks for the compliments...we are always just tryin' to do our best and yet not stress out too much about how our kids turn out.