Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Evan's Snowman

Evan's first snowman he's made

They became friends for a day...

They ran around the back yard, kicking the footy
and ate snowcones...

......and then, it was just........over!

.....that's Denver. Wait 5 minutes and the weather will change!


LISA said...

That was cute!!

Mitchell Mischief said...

Great snowman Evan. You will be a great snow-man-building-teacher to your sisters. WOW, I wonder what they will think of snow.

Sherry said...

Nice snowman! I am glad he had fun with it. :) Our weathers weird like that too...it changes on a dime.

Amber said...

Hey girl, I'm still checking in you. Oh, the fun of paperwork and waiting.

Lisa W. said...

Hi Amber,
Still here. Still waiting. I know you TAGGED me and I will respond...just busy. Hope you are well...Happy EAster. Your blog is looking great. I get updated each time you post!

Terry Gallina said...

Hi Evan
I like your buddy. It was fun the other day when it snow 6-9 inches in Dallas. I saw a snowman at nearly everyones house the next morning. It was fun seeing how different each snowman was to the next. Your snowman was the best one I've seen. Have Fun,
Miss Terry

Thankfulmom said...

We used to live in Broomfield and this is so funny! I remember days like that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa and family, I so love reading about your adventures, life and upcoming additons to your family. You are a terrific writer...I wish I had a tiny bit of your creative writing skills.
Your cousin, Kristi

Lisa W. said...

So great to hear from you. Your comments were so sweet and I really appreciate it. Will I be seeing you in May? It's kinda bitter sweet isn't it? Would you bring your children? Glad you're reading our blog...I saw your gorgeous pics on Sharon's blog.
Miss you!
Love you!