Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Love "T"!

Dear Precious Little "T",

Your Daddy and I have fallen deeply in love with you already. Everyday until we hold you in our arms, we are also preparing our hearts for you. Your brothers are more excited now than they were when we first told them you were coming. Your Daddy is writing a song for you. If it's anything like the one he wrote for me when we first met and our wedding song, I don't know how I will hear it without you being near us.

You need to know that although we don't know "who" you are yet, we know that God has already chosen you for our family. We know that God's amazing grace will keep you safe and prepare you for what will be a life changing experience for you. We bask in the knowledge that each day we wake up only brings us closer to bringing you home. I have picked up a beautiful pink Bible for you. It says "Princess Bible" on the front of it, which is probably very appropriate knowing that you will most likely be put on la ittle pedestal from the moment you arrive. It will be sitting on your pillow just for you. I sometimes become overwhelmed with the thought of lying in your bed with you and reading you passages as we learn about our amazing God together. We don't know what your circumstances will be, but know that we will get through anything together. With time, love and patience...we can overcome all of it.

The day that we look into your eyes and say to you, "Are you ready to come home?"..... seems so far off in the distance. The day we step onto the airplane with your little pink back pack that I've already picked out for you and buckle you in.......feels like it will never come. The moment we arrive at your new home with your brothers holding your hands and show you your new room.....will be a moment we will never forget.

Know that although we are not physically on our way to get you yet, we are moving closer as each day passes. Prepare yourselves for a family who adores you to no end, will love you forever and where 2 brothers wish we were more normal. You will fit right in!

More than you know.......we love you!

Mommy & Daddy


LISA said...

Lisa, I'm so glad you found my blog!We really DO have alot in common!I'll definetly be keeping up with your blog.I didn't see an age you are requesting.Oh,and we requesting at least one of our sib group to be a girl.Shawn wants a Daddy's little girl.What agency are you using?

Lisa W. said...

Hi Lisa,
And I'm so glad you found my blog too!! We are requesting toddler siblings between 2 and 4. My hopes are not too high that they will find siblings. But two girls is what we'd prefer. We use IAN (it's listed on the side of my blog as International Adoption Network). Thanks for commenting and we'll certainly keep in touch. I'm in Colorado.

Debbie said...

This is an awesome post!!! So true a letter to any adopted child that is going to a Christian family! Your daughters will be very blessed girls.


Lisa W. said...

You are so sweet what you wrote. I appreciate that. Are you anywhere close to starting your Ethiopian adoption? I tried to find out on your blog, but it looks like you guys are still praying about it.

Shere' said...

Hi Lisa, that is great news about your I-171H. It is definitely a relief to have that in your hands, isn't it? I don't know if you've started yet, but I've made 2 copies of all my travel documents (one to leave at home with someone when we travel, and one to bring with our original). Same thing with the passports except our agency said to bring 4 copies.

I'm praying you get your referrals any day now. Does Ethiopia require you to file your I-600 before you travel like Vietnam does?

Big hug,

Lisa W. said...

I don't actually have the I-171 back, just the "reacknowledgment" that they received my appliation (I-600a) and the biometrics (fingerprinting) fees. $670 for application, $160 for both David and I to do biometrics (electronic fingerprints), which we are going to get to today.

Thank you so much for the travel tips. That is a SMART idea. When the day draws nearer, I imagine my head will get filled up with too much info, so I'll have to remember that.

I will let you know when I get referrals. JuuuuuuuUUUUUst tryin' to be verrrrrrry patient about this part!