Thursday, February 14, 2008

Home Study Approved! Dossier Goes To Washington!

Today, our Dossier gets overnighted to Washington DC. And I have the Home Study in my possession "Signed, Sealed (really, I can't open it or it becomes invalid) and I'm Delivering it today" to USCIS in the city. What a relief to be done with all of that. It has been pretty uneventful, just several areas that could have gone smoother.

I have been waiting for these 2 docs from California to be certified and had shipped it on Feb. 1st using 2 day shipping. They received it on Monday the 4th, but when I called yesterday at 10am to ask where it was and that it is the last thing to be sent with my Dossier, they say, "Oh honey, we are only working on mail that came in on Jan. 22nd, we won't be getting to yours for weeks". My heart just about stopped, but on the outside I was trying to play it cool and collected, yet..........desperate. I pleaded with her to work with me to find a way to get my documents found, certified and overnighted to me. She said that there were piles and piles of docs the come in each day and that they couldn't find it to even do it and not sure about the overnight thing. Well, I couldn't have that. I had to have these docs by today!!!!!! My Dossier is scheduled to go out TODAY to DC with another couples docs (Shawn and Justin). MUST...HAVE...DOCS...TODAY!

Well, I begged and pleaded all the while totally respecting the fact that their job is huge and that I wouldn't be asking for special treatment had it not involved getting my 2 little babies here in time, from Ethiopia. She empathized with me, and said she would call me back if she found it, but there was no guarantee. I expressed my gratitude and said I appreciated anything that she could do. So we hung up and I set up an account with FedEx to pick it up anyway. At 2pm I called her back and said, "Just in case you find it, I have arranged FedEx to pick it up so that you do not have to do anything". She said, "I was going to call you. Me and another co-worker found it and it is being Certified as we speak and FedEx can pick it up anytime." Wow! I was so happy about that. So, I should be receiving it actually, anytime now, then I'll drive it to IAN (my agency) and it can be overnighted at 3:30pm to DC! Whew!

Still waiting for our referrals! I am being very patient!!! I'm patient! I'm a patient person! I can be patient even though I don't feel like it! I am patient! Yes! I am patient! It's only our 2 daughters I'm waiting on. Just the other half of my children...waiting...for another country...just waiting. But, yet, look at me.....soooOOOO patient!?


Laura said...

Woo Hoo! What a great Valentine's Day gift!

Lisa W. said...

Yes, it is a perfect Valentines Day gift, isn't it? Looks like we're about in the same spot with our process. The best to the both of us!!

susie said...

Ah, yes. . . so VERY patient!! 'Glad to hear all the paperwork is complete! What a relief!! Eager to meet your girls as well!!
Take care!

Lisa W. said...

Thanks Susie. Now it's time for the fun part. ;)