Thursday, February 14, 2008

Evan's 11th Birthday!

Evan's 11th birthday at our house. He said it was the best birthday he ever had. His friends were there from class and also his 2 band mates (Dillon the guitarist on the left with the hat and Blake, the drummer, you can't see). They sang Karaoke, played laser tag with these gift laser pens we gave everyone.

The music was loud, the meatballs were a huge hit, then for the big moment...Evan and his band mates performed the Beatles "Eight Days A Week" and then they performed the song that Evan wrote named the "Way I Feel". It was an absolute blast.

Evan came home to a bed full of presents. We had rearranged his room so that he can fit the drum kit in it. And of course I had to "clean" it first. I mean, how nice would that be, on your birthday to come home after a mini party at school, then your room is not only clean and looks amazing, but your bed is filled with prezzies. He was so excited. He was the most excited about having now collected all of the Bionicles in the Lego line. He just about flipped out. I want their life!! I mean, I had a good enough life that my Mom had given my sister and I , but our boys have it made. And they don't even realize it. We try to explain to them how privileged they are, but really, they don't know!

We aren't planning on taking the boys with us to Ethiopia, but in the back of my mind, I think that it could change something in them that we just can't explain here at home. I feel like they need to experience picking up their sisters up front and center. It's a very expensive plane ticket (I think about $2000 per round trip), but we'll see how the boys are and how our finances are. This could be life changing for them.

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