Saturday, February 9, 2008

"God Grew Tired Of Us"

This is a documentary that will open your eyes to many things. It'll break your heart in two just knowing the strength and courage these children and young men had to take this journey from Sudan, through Ethiopia, and down to ultimately live in huts for 10 years. What they thought would be just a few months turned into 10 years. A handful of this group of guys were given permission to come into the United States for opportunity. To leave behind everything they know and everyone they knew and loved was not an easy decision, yet they had no choice if they wanted a better life and to offer more to their friends and family back home.......This should without a doubt be seen by everybody no matter your situation or where you are in life!

Click on this link..... God Grew Tired of Us

If you HAVE seen it, let me know what you thought.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, I loved that movie. I highly reccommend the movie "War Dance" if you can find it in a theater near you. It is being nominated for best documentary of foreign film, not sure which but it's about kids in a refugee camp in Northern Uganda and it's incredible! It brought back many memories of the beautiful children I met when I was there last year.
I don't know if you read the book that Starbucks was selling by Ishmael Beah called "A Long Way Gone" about a young man's experience as a child soldier in Sierra Leone. It's a must read but very hard too read (emotionally). I heard the author speak at the Newport Beach Public Library yesterday and it was such an amazing experience to see this handsome young man (now 26 yrs old) and so elloquent. He is such a true example of God taking someone's suffering and turning it to good since he's educating people and has created a foundation to create change.

Lisa W. said...

Thank you for that info on the other documentary and book. Some amazing people out there who have unbelievable stories to tell.