Friday, April 3, 2009

Out and About

We took the kids to the Museum of Nature and Science. This is twice now that our new President has followed us to a place where we went. He followed us to this museum and then the next week, he went to Orange County when we were there. Good thing I didn't get my nails done that week.

Museum of Nature and Science, Denver. Brandon, Evan and Jordon (our friends son).

Monster Truck Show as a surprise for Brandon's birthday. It was so much fun.

Tigist hanging out in the dining room

David took Tigist to a Father/Daughter Ball at the Highlands Ranch Mansion. She has so much fun with her Daddy.

Tigist checking in to the Ball in her pretty purple dress.

She already looks so grown up.

We had a freeze with a hose running from when the boys left it on and it looked so interesting

We walk to Starbucks sometimes on Saturdays. Tigi in the wagon and the boys on their bikes.

I made that scarf years ago. I found it in my closet and thought it would be perfect for her. It was neat putting it on her knowing I made it before she even came into our life.

Sadie has grown to trust Tigist when she approaches her...Tigist is very gentle with her and kisses her nose.

We had a visit from friends. It is so sweet to see Tigist with babies. She recognizes that they need to be treated gentle.

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