Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tigist fashionista ... Her Bubble Dress Creation!

Tigist was determined to do something with this cool bubble wrap. So ... she made a wrap!

She is doing very well. We took her to the dentist, but he couldn't get her to open her mouth enough to check it out. I know she needs LOTS of work as there are many brown spots. Some perhaps can be buffed out, but some are more than that. So we need to take her to a dentist who can "put her out" while doing the work.

Her brothers continue to adore her. They are absolutely crazy about her and she loves them so! The boys sometimes argue about who gets to get her up in the morning. But, I must say, I never saw it coming how much they are helpful as well as how much they truly love her.

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Terry Gallina said...

Hi Lisa,
I really enjoyed the new pictures. Brandon is so grown. I think Nick has those same shoes. Evan grew his hair long again. Your boys are just so cool. And your Tigist is such a doll. I love seeing her in David's arms. They're both so happy together. And seeing Grampa for the first time must of been so emotional.
I enjoyed our talk today. I'm so glad that we had five years of friendship and living nearly next door to each other. It's something we'll always have together. Something like our high school friends and we share. We'll always have this friendship. Thank for sharing your pictures.