Thursday, April 30, 2009

To Go Private ... or Not?

I've always wondered about taking this blog private or keeping it open for ANYONE to view. I've taken it private for now and perhaps indefinitely for a couple of reasons. Not everyone is interested and I only want people reading it who have an interest in keeping up with pictures, video and what we've been up to. When it is open for ANYONE, it is also open for unsolicited comments from strangers and people viewing pics of my precious children who are shall we say "not so mentally healthy" and that has always been in my mind too. Watching a recent Oprah show about internet idiots and what they do with photos, etc... can throw me into a tailspin ...

So ... it pains me to think that I can't write freely if the whole world can view it. What WILL suffer if I go private are those precious people going through this process not being able to learn from our experience and see how precious these children are.

What I DO like about blogs are keeping up with cousins and family who keep them and read this one where we can follow eachother's lives. It is such a great medium for this and I've become closer to those people because of our blogs. Just wish there wasn't freakos out there that sell photos of children and such...ehw!

For now, I will keep this open to "invite only" and those interested parties. I love that you all follow our journey and love following your journey either through a blog or phone calls or emails. You all mean so much to me and my family.

Love and hugs,

Tiggies' Family


Joshua and Lydia Rich said...

Have you had any bad experiences with the blog being public? I am curious cuz ours is public, too. And by the way, I love seeing all the new pics of the kids, especially Tigist, so if you go private, include us!

Melodie Monberg said...

Hi: I was sad when I saw your blog went private. I've enjoyed reading your journey and being close by in Colorado, have gleaned some great restaurant tips and church!

I'd love to keep reading if you go private again.


Lisa and David said...

Hi Melodie,
Your comment means a lot to me as I too have gleaned an incredible amount of information from dozens of blogs. I think I will keep it public and glad you hung on there for the few weeks I had it private. Thank you for following this journey ... Lisa

Debbie said...

OK I thought I posted this, I did come to your blog when it was priovate and was sad. I have followed your journey and learned a lot from you.

I have also thought about what you are saying too. I have potsed pictures and then removed them when they didn't seem right.

Blessyour family!

Lisa and David said...

Hi Debbie,
Oh, thank you for saying that. I DO think it is greater the blessings we all get from journaling these experiences.

WOW! I just saw your blog and Eden is spectacular!!! She seems to really have a sweet disposition. How blessed are we, huh?

What orphanage did she come from?