Saturday, November 24, 2007

Three steps done...A hundred more to go!

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! We've had our 2nd home study done and it wasn't too scary. The 3rd one perhaps may be, who knows. The Case worker was really wonderful. She was very easy to talk to, perhaps because she is one of 15 siblings...8 of which are adopted. Just amazing. There are numerous steps to take, and a ton of paperwork, but we are looking at it like a pregnancy and labor. Looks like on the optimist side, the girls could be here perhaps by Summer? And on the pessimistic side, it could be next Christmas. But I'm doing everything I possibly can to get them here NOW! For those of you who went through my three years of infertility, you'll know that not a single infertile month was wasted without me getting a few shots, or writing about it, or going to a "RESOLVE" meeting, or looking up how I could get closer to my child...I was always doing something, so this is not going to be any different. The girls are already ours, we just don't know what they look like or when they will come. We do know that we are asking for sisters or even 2 girls from the same orphanage who are very close to each other. It's hard because you really don't know what their background is going to be like. Did their birth mother die from AIDS? Is she still alive? Will we meet her? Do they have living relatives? How long would she have been living at the orphanage? How much would they have gone thru before they came to the orphanage? How easy/hard will their transition be into our lives here? It's very unsettling to not know this, but what I do know is that we are prepared for all of that and we love them already. Truly!

This blog is for them. It is for the journaling of our thoughts, our struggle, their struggle, some of our feelings and most of all to let them have a past with us, a history (so to speak) with their new family before they even get here. I wrote letters to my boys before they came, never knowing if they even were coming or when. These girls already have a whole neighborhood of kids and adults who are very excited to meet them. They have a family in Australia (my husband's side) who adore them already and our family and friends back in SoCal who are thrilled with our new additions.....Tracey has already said she will HAVE to come here to Denver to show me how to do their hair...I know! Tracey, you don't have to, but I'm getting the idea about the "hair" thing. Please...educate me. And Shelly in Newport Beach who has a hair salon, please come too...or better yet, I'll bring them to you. But the truth is, they have a huuUUge extended family here already. I had the best response from Tracey....

A quote from Tracey Dugan..."Congratulations...and Whoah!"

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