Friday, November 30, 2007

Just Received Dossier Packet

Our adoption agency sent us our packet for the Dossier. Wow! Really a lot of things to do here. You have to prepare an unbelievable amount of documents, all typed out on certain letterheads that they apply to, then you have to Notarize it all, Certify it all and then send it out for Authentication. What am I doing here typing this entry when I should be in my office doing paperwork. I'm trying to do as much as I can before the holidays hit (as if they haven't hit already by seeing all of the Christmas lights out around's not even December...sheesh!)

I already feel overwhelmed, but with every letter I complete, every document I sign, notarize, certify and authenticate...gets us closer to our 2 girls. We've already picked out names for them if we are going to give them a different name at all. It could all change depending on the situation. We'll decide that when we know who they are and know more about them.

So I'm off the laptop now to do housework and paperwork!

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