Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pastor Jason...Thank You!

This past Sunday at church I couldn't wait to tell Pastor Jason about what he did to us. I looked everywhere, but didn't find him until the last minute before service started. And although I hate being late to sit down and missing any of the Worship Singing and Band, this was worth it. I reminded him of his sermon a month ago (I can't believe it's only been a month since this adoption thing has been on my mind), and how he spoke of his Haitian adoption. I went on to tell him that because of his willingness to speak on the subject, we are adopting "two" little girls from Ethiopia. All because of his talking about it. I know it had kinda been on my mind, but had he not spoke on the subject, it would never have been prodded into the front area of my brain!!

He seemed really pleased to hear that. He said he got the chills on his arm as we told him...yep! So did I when he told me (and the whole church) about what HE was doing. I wonder how many other people have had this on their minds too? How many others went home from church that day and thought of the possibilities that would reward them should they step out of the "safety net" of God's safe place. Being a Christian should consist of some risk. My husband reminded me that 11 of the apostles were killed because of what they stood for. Our "risk" by no means compares to the apostles, but it is just a reminder that if we live our life very safe, perhaps we aren't taking enough risks? Something to think about.

Pastor Jason also reminded us of something he said last month on that Sunday, October 21st. He said that he was told by someone he knew who'd already adopted more than one, that "The greatest gift you can give an adopted child from a foreign country was a sibling." Either at the same time or later. Thinking about our family now, really makes me think. When the girls are alone in their room, confused, doubtful, scared...they will always have each other. They will have their bond of coming from an amazing country that will always be a part of them. The little amount of past they will have there will never be forgotten. A country so full of hurt, yet so much beauty. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee....and I loooOOOve my coffee!! Part of the Ethiopian culture is their "Coffee Ceremony". It's what they do whether they live in a hut or a house. It is a ritual and it is their tradition. It has so much history with churches and ruins that date back to the 1600's.

Here is a little history...well, a lot of history actually!

History of Ethiopia


Kathy said...

We agree with you, "Pastor Jason . . . Thank You!" We had a similar story as you as to why we decided to adopt. Ours started the Sunday Pastor Todd spoke on poverty. He mentioned lots of statistics about people, mostly children around the world and through it, God spoke to us. When we went out into the lobby area, several tables were set up: Compassion International, SECOR, World Orphan Relief, etc. My husband to to sponsor a child through Compassion Internaionl, I went to the orphan table and there behind it was Laura, Jason's wife.

She had created bookmarks with pictures of children laminated on a piece of paper with a Bible verse, the same verse that spoke to me during Pastor Todd's sermon: “Pure and genuine in the sight of God the Father is this: to visit and help and care for the orphans in their affliction and need” (James 1:27a NIV-Amplified).

I picked up one and decided I (we) would adopt this child. I took it with me to go find my husband, but when I saw his excitement about sponsoring Yabes in Indonesia, I couldn't tell him of my plan. I wondered back to the orphan table and spoke with Laura. She said the little boy in the picture was already being adopted, but that I "could adopt this little boy (and she held up a picture of Peter) and his brother Peterson who looks just like him."

So, that's what we are doing--adopting Peter and Peterson, twin 9-year-old brothers.

You can read about us on our blog: vanEttenFamilyAdoption.blogspot.com

Lisa W. said...

Wow Kathy. It's amazing what can happen just sitting there in church, huh? We think we're just sittin' there minding our own business, then BAMM! God smacks you upside the head! I will check out your blog, I can't wait. Thank you for telling me of your story. It is remarkable. The more we talk about what we are doing, the more children will be saved. Literally!