Friday, July 24, 2009

Santa Cruz Trip

It would be hard to explain our Summer travel plans as they have changed through out the months. But we finally got on the road and decided to head towards Northern California to visit family and to see a part of California we hadn't spent much time in.

Driving thru the Salt Lakes in Utah was a massive arera of dried up salt lakes. So we stopped the van and checked it out. Brandon placed an old car antenna thru the salts and it went down at least 3 feet ... I wonder how deep it really was?

How 'bout those colors?


Daddy and Tigist in the pool in Reno.

Reno, NV We tucked her in, the boys watched over her and David and I met my uncle Denny in the lobby. He is my Dad's brother, so it was really wonderful to catch up with him. He reminds me so much of my Father who passed away a while ago.

Tigist sometimes asks for one of us in particular to hold her and cuddle. This time it was Evan she wanted.

Tiggy's new boyfriends in Reno!!!

That's what I'm talking about ... No, we didn't stop at ALL of them. Just a few.

In Santa Cruz Main Street, we saw these 3 little Indians all in a row.

This was our trek down to the beach every day from our Santa Cruz Beach House 2 blocks from the beach. What fun. This was Tigist's 2nd time at a beach.

Looking for the sand crabs

Brandon ... I'm waiting for my sand crabs please

Evan, where did the sand crabs go?

Whew! Here they come ...

Daddy ... stand over there for my good side!

Evan time ....

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