Friday, July 24, 2009

Two More Babies Coming From Tigist's Orphanage!

When we picked up Tigist from Sele Enat Orphanage last year, I noticed there were a set of twins there in the infant room. I noticed how adorable they were, but never thought of them again until my friend, Brandi, who also takes Tigist 2 days a week in her home for preschool brought them home last month. Can you believe it? They are so precious and adorable. They are about 18 months or so ...

Brandi is holding Addison here. Brandon (my son) is holding Tigist. The kids in the red 4th of July tops are Brandi's children too. They are all so sweet and precious.

Brandi's husband Travis holding Joshua. What a neat homecoming on the 4th of July.

Tigist has been talking about them for so long now ... and she finally meets them.

What a happy day.

Off they go home ... a new life, a new "normal" for all 8 of them. They have 4 biological kids, and now 2 from Ethiopia makes 6. What a precious family they are ... we adore every one of them.

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akinsfamily said...

So neat to see the captions as "The Akins kids". I guess it is different for me to say and then to actually see someone else write it. You are the best! With much love, The Akins 8!!!!!!!!