Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wow! Michael Jackson died?!!

I was shocked to hear of the news that Michael Jackson died today! David was asked to go out on this tour a couple of months ago to his UK dates, but Michael's management team decided to use locals rather than professionals. So David would have been in the UK at the moment. Glad he is home though.

Very sad and shocking news. Also Farrah Fawcett lost hr battle with cancer this morning. I had followed her courageous story for months with her incredible documentary and journey.

Each day is so precious ...


Heywot said...

Hello Lisa & David...we met you at Park Meadows a few months ago with Tegist. I have someone who wants to adopt a child from Ethiopia and would like them to talk to you since you have gone through the process. Will you please get in touch with me?
Thank you.

Natalie said...

Hi Lisa. I too met you at Park Meadows.... I am laughing because you must be there a lot! LOL
I'd so love to get together with you and Tigist. Can you do playgroup this coming Tuesday in HR. There will be other moms with their adopted children.. mostly from China/ Russia?
We'd love to have you. Let me know.

Also I am down 36. Thanks for your encouragement!

Lisa and David said...

Hi Natalie,

That is great news about the "36"! I'm impressed and perhaps inspired myself to move forward as I've been at a stand still and can't get moving! Great job. What time is the playgroup? Tigist goes to preschool T & Th 8:30am to 12:30pm, so if it is still going at 12:30, we would love to come by.