Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Build A Stronger Family ... Read this!

Monthly Focus Ideas…12 Months to a Stronger Family

The rest of this Companion Guide will be devoted to Monthly Focus Ideas. The purpose of a
Monthly Focus is to take great ideas and use that month to focus on them. We’ve come up with
what we believe to be very powerful and important ideas to use each month of the year. You are
NOT too busy for this! If you incorporate these into family time, you will be creating new habits
that you’ve actually been putting off. It’s easy to be busy with unimportant things, but please
consider these monthly focuses below as you incorporate them into your family life.

You will find that you’ve uncovered some things that you’ve been trying to get to for way too long now. Experts have said for years that a new habit takes 20 to 30 days of repetition to take hold. These
months are designed to focus on one new habit per month that will strengthen your family.
We’ve created each month to coincide with the months of the year. So start with the month that
you’ve received this system. For example, in Summer there are ideas that apply to the Summer
time, and in October, there is a genius idea about how to prepare to be completed for Christmas time.

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