Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tigist - A montage about our daughter's adoption from Ethiopia

Enjoy ...


Denise said...

very another person fortunate enough to be adopted into a loving home and family, this touches my heart ...deeply. God's grace abounds.

Lisa said...

Denise, I love hearing that from someone who's been there. I have always wanted to adopt and am so grateful that we were able to. I love her so much. And I know you have the same thing in your family. God's grace does indeed abound.

Gina Marie said...

Wow!! Ok your home videos and EVERYONE else's home videos look a little different... This was fabulous Lisa!! What a wonderful story to share with the world!! Thank you!! Give Tigist a hug for me XXOO

Lisa said...

Gina ... very cool your reaction. Especially from a certified graphic's gal and teacher. I'm so glad you met Tigist and as she wakes up in about 20 minutes, I will tell her you give her a hug and hello.

wildflowers said...

thank you for sharing. that was very nice. beautiful.

i just came across your adoption blog. we too are adopting from Ethiopia and i wanted to say hi.

wildflowers said...

p/s i share videos within our own adoption blog (via bottom of page) and i wondered if it was okay to share yours too.

thank you!

Lisa said...

Hi Wildflowers, thanks for your post. You can share anything on my blog that you want. It's open for everybody. I'm glad you liked it. She's been home for 2 years now and is doing great.

All the best to you and your process.


mimi said...

so i get online to find a friend name tigest since my sister told me I can just google her name and her bio pops up. Well instead I come across you page. Hello my name is meserak and i was born in ethiopia. now living in CA. Anyway to make a long story short. i was very touched with your story. I started off having mixed feeling but at the end of it all like you said she will never be alone. May god watch over you and your family. May he bless you with the love that you have given this child. May he allow your travels on this earth to be gentle and peaceful. Thank you for sharing your personal lives with others. And showing mankind the true essence of love.

Lisa said...

Dear Mimi,
What a precious comment sharing about how you felt about Tigist and our adoption. If I were Ethiopian, I surely would have reservations about seeing "one of my own" adopted out like this. One must know the whole story and experience to appreciate a journey like ours and now Tigists. I know the day will come when she fully realizes what the decision we made FOR her on behalf of her has made in her life. My prayer is that she will see it for exactly what it is ... "for the love of a child". With 6,000,000 orphans in Ethiopia alone, one might feel as though adopting ONE child does not make a difference, but quite the opposite ... it's made a difference to HER! And that's what we intended. And it has changed our lives (the rest of the family) forever! Mimi, thank you for your honesty and for finding her story. Give our love to your Tigest.

Shameme Adams said...

What happened to your blog?. Your family looks amazing!! and i'de have liked to know more. My email is if you want a new friend in ENGLAND!!.

Love Shameme x

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