Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life is Good!

So much going on. I really never have or make the time to write, which bums me out a lot. Writing is an outlet for me and to not make the time for it is not good.

But here I am, making the time now. We are all very busy and doing well. Just dropped the boys off at school. A bit frustrating 'cause they are young adults now (at 13 and soon to be 15) we've taught them to get up on their own, take care of their needs for lunches and prepare for the day, but it is a constant battle to try to get them to do that consistently. I'm not talking about perfection here, just a really good effort. Family meeting tonight!!! I'm not sure what else we can take away from them that we haven't already taken. But it just can't go on like this.

Tigist is sleeping soundly while I write and will be going to her twice weekly "preschool" time at Ms. Brandi's home. She still loves going so that is good. She loves, loves, LOVES watching Dora and I can tell she learns so much from it. I'm just not sure about the Spanish part cause she was coming out of her Amharic vocabulary, into and American family with a father who has a strong Australian accent and a Mother who is trying to speak Italian cause I'M GOING TO ITALY IN JUNE!!!!! So really, I don't need her to learn Spanish right now, but Dora is her drug of choice for now.

I'll write more about Italy another post, but can I just say OH MY GAWSH!!!! Anyone out there love Italy like I do? I'm even part of a couple of Italian groups in my area so I can have a place to talk about it without driving my family absolutely bonkers.

Well, for now I'll go. My coffee is getting cold. I need to catch up with the morning news and get Tigist all ready for her day. She's now waking up with dry diapers almost 100% of the time. She is so excited every morning, "Wake up dry diaper!!!!" She yells each morning as I open her bedroom door. Now I'll have about $20 extra a month in my household budget to use on herself and the rest of the family (except Daddy and the cat) for scar ointment from all the biting she's done to us. See, I can find the positive in everything!


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