Monday, December 15, 2008

Tigist Enjoys Neighborly Fudge!

I came out of my office to check on her and she'd gotten up on the kitchen table, 2 huge vanilla fudge pieces in her hands and she says ... "Ooh la la?" ... looking for my approval. I just laughed and said, "Yes, sweetie! Ooh la la!" I have the same picture at her age on my Mom's kitchen table eating icing out of a bowl. It just took me back and it made me happy. I was happy she climbed on the table and took advantage of our neighbor's really great fudge.

I think she was just enjoying it so much that she didn't even care if she was going to get in trouble. She is just so cute.

I can't believe she let me take some from her hand.

... but I did leave her some to munch on. I did that for you Mom!

"Ooh la la!"


Anonymous said...

smart girl! Who could pass up the fudge?
She is getting so big and cuter by the minute.
Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas.

Joshua and Lydia Rich said...

Look at the sugary grin! I was going to email you a couple of weeks ago about getting the girls together before Christmas, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen! How about sometime after New Years?

Lisa and David said...

After the new year would be great. Tigist would love to have some play time with Yabserra and the boys. Contact me if I forget to contact you.

temesgen said...

i accidentally bumped to your blog and i almost felt crying as i read through your blog. she is so cute and lovely and i can see you have a big heart. God bless you for all you are doing.