Thursday, April 30, 2009

To Go Private ... or Not?

I've always wondered about taking this blog private or keeping it open for ANYONE to view. I've taken it private for now and perhaps indefinitely for a couple of reasons. Not everyone is interested and I only want people reading it who have an interest in keeping up with pictures, video and what we've been up to. When it is open for ANYONE, it is also open for unsolicited comments from strangers and people viewing pics of my precious children who are shall we say "not so mentally healthy" and that has always been in my mind too. Watching a recent Oprah show about internet idiots and what they do with photos, etc... can throw me into a tailspin ...

So ... it pains me to think that I can't write freely if the whole world can view it. What WILL suffer if I go private are those precious people going through this process not being able to learn from our experience and see how precious these children are.

What I DO like about blogs are keeping up with cousins and family who keep them and read this one where we can follow eachother's lives. It is such a great medium for this and I've become closer to those people because of our blogs. Just wish there wasn't freakos out there that sell photos of children and such...ehw!

For now, I will keep this open to "invite only" and those interested parties. I love that you all follow our journey and love following your journey either through a blog or phone calls or emails. You all mean so much to me and my family.

Love and hugs,

Tiggies' Family

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tigist fashionista ... Her Bubble Dress Creation!

Tigist was determined to do something with this cool bubble wrap. So ... she made a wrap!

She is doing very well. We took her to the dentist, but he couldn't get her to open her mouth enough to check it out. I know she needs LOTS of work as there are many brown spots. Some perhaps can be buffed out, but some are more than that. So we need to take her to a dentist who can "put her out" while doing the work.

Her brothers continue to adore her. They are absolutely crazy about her and she loves them so! The boys sometimes argue about who gets to get her up in the morning. But, I must say, I never saw it coming how much they are helpful as well as how much they truly love her.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Brandon's 14th Birthday and Los Angeles

I think Brandon had one of his best birthdays this year. We had the neighbor down the street who Brandon has befriended drive up by surprise to take Brandon for a ride in his quarter of a million dollar Lamborghini. He couldn't believe it ... he was speechless. Here are some pictures...

Here he is watching the Lamborghini drive up ...

On the left is our neighbor who so kindly took Brandon for a ride to the Lamborghini dealer in his Lamborghini. His best 40 minutes EVER!

He can't get the smile off his face knowing he was going for a ride.

Here they are taking off ...

Happy 14th Birthday Sweetheart

Waiting for our car to get washed

She loves her tiger backpack

There's our car ...

Mike Dugan met us at Bob's Big Boy to meet Tigist for the first time.

Mike and Tigist ...

High School friends met up with us at Deb's house to reflect on her and good times.

Gina and Shelly meet Tigist

Shelly and Tigist

Reylene and Tigist

Reylene dancing with Tigist

Brandon loves exotic cars

Shelly's brother (Craig) and his son who races

We stopped at the Beverly Hills Lamborghini lot.

This car is "offered" at ... 2.4 million! Are you kidding?

Where the heck do you drive or park a $2.4 million dollar vehicle??????

Brandon's wishful thinking ...

High School friend Steve Irigoyen. We stayed together at Deb's house. Steve, Deb and I use to get out of school early our senior year and watch 3 hours of All My Children, One Life to Live and then General Hospital ... where did it all get us????? Steve even named his son Triston after Scorpio's character from General Hospital. We had some verrrrrrrrrry interesting chats that year.

Grampa Dave meets Tigist for first time

Tigist loved calling him Grampa!

Chatting away

Gina Johnston from High School comes to meet Tigist. I just loved it when my friends met her. it brought our worlds together in such a sweet way.

These girls were from Kenya. They had an outreach at Shere's church in Irvine.

Shere', Lana, her son Malcomb and Tigist

Out and About

We took the kids to the Museum of Nature and Science. This is twice now that our new President has followed us to a place where we went. He followed us to this museum and then the next week, he went to Orange County when we were there. Good thing I didn't get my nails done that week.

Museum of Nature and Science, Denver. Brandon, Evan and Jordon (our friends son).

Monster Truck Show as a surprise for Brandon's birthday. It was so much fun.

Tigist hanging out in the dining room

David took Tigist to a Father/Daughter Ball at the Highlands Ranch Mansion. She has so much fun with her Daddy.

Tigist checking in to the Ball in her pretty purple dress.

She already looks so grown up.

We had a freeze with a hose running from when the boys left it on and it looked so interesting

We walk to Starbucks sometimes on Saturdays. Tigi in the wagon and the boys on their bikes.

I made that scarf years ago. I found it in my closet and thought it would be perfect for her. It was neat putting it on her knowing I made it before she even came into our life.

Sadie has grown to trust Tigist when she approaches her...Tigist is very gentle with her and kisses her nose.

We had a visit from friends. It is so sweet to see Tigist with babies. She recognizes that they need to be treated gentle.