Monday, April 28, 2008

Boys 2 Men 4 Christ

My husband started this Ministry back in L.A. (when we lived there) at our church, Faith Community Church in West Covina. It started with a Grandmother coming to David numerous times asking for help. Her daughter was in jail often and the grandson was left with his Grandma quite a bit. She cared for him deeply, but was saddened by her daughter not being there for him. The father of the child was nowhere to be found.

David came up with a solution not only for this little boy and his Grandmother who had been raising him for over a year, but for every single church to start this program to help these fatherless boys. A program for young boys with no Father in the picture. Fathers who were incarcerated, deceased, drug addicts or just plain out of the picture.

They met at our church every other Friday, just boys and men, the Moms had a night off. About 30 boys and 12 men would show up and spend time together. They learn scripture and how it's applicable to their lives and do what boys and Fathers usually pizza, throw a ball around, hug them, tell them how much they are loved and that God has incredible plans for their life. Some boys just needed hugs. Some just needed to see what it "Looked" like to be a man! To be a Christian man! These men were "modeling" for these lost boys.

It's different than the Big Brother program as it is where the boys get together at the church and have some MAN time. It is a Christian program.

I am PROUD to introduce my husband's incredible ministry to you. Please view this video.....


The number of boys being raised without fathers keeps rising at an astonishing rate. With generation after generation of boys being brought up with no male role model in the home to model fatherhood, there seems little hope for the next generation of fathers.

It’s an unbelievable fact that today an estimated 24.7 million children in the US (36.3%) live absent from their biological father.

Fatherlessness contributes to...

* 63% of youth suicides
(U.S. D.H.H.S., Bureau of the Census)
* 85% of all children with behavioral disorders
(Center for Disease Control)
* 80% of rapists motivated with displaced anger
(Criminal Justice & Behavior, Vol 14, p. 403-26, 1978.)
* 71% of high school dropouts
(Principals Association Report on the State of High Schools.)

The solution was put into a program that he wants all churches to start. It's called "MINISTRY IN A BOX" and any church can have this program by going to his website.....

The statistics are shocking and unacceptable. Please feel free to pass this website on to your church or any pastor! No city is without this problem...


Mitchell Mischief said...

Wow what a wonderful ministry. I'm very proud of you David. I'm going to forward this post to my pastor. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa W. said...

Thank you for passing this on to your pastor. We really appreciate it.

Amber said...

Tell your husband that he is awesome! What a great ministry and I think its a huge need as well.

By the way, you are a good student Lisa. Look at all that language learning in one day!